The Basics of a Good Parcel Shipping Company

Due to the nature of some mails and parcels, they cannot be sent as ordinary mail. In such a scenario, parcel shipping comes in handy to fill in the gap. This applies to parcels that are too big and occupy a lot of space or parcels that are too heavy to be sent by ordinary mail. This will call for maritime shipping that is mainly used when sending items that are bulky. Identifying the basics of a good parcel shipping company can be a daunting task but should basically include the following;

First, their rates and services have to be customized. This means that what they charge for shipping should be applicable to the parcel that is being sent. The rates should be fixed in such a way that they apply to parcels that cannot be sent as ordinary mail. In addition, the service should also be tailored to fit such mail. For instance, there should be carriage equipment like containers specifically designed to handle parcels that are very heavy and voluminous. Handling such mails should therefore be their area of specialization.

In addition, they should have a structured billing system. Customers should be able to determine what they will be charged for sending a particular parcel over a certain distance. The method of arriving at the different rates should be elaborate and one that can easily be understood by customers. For instance, sending a parcel over a certain distance with a determined weight should be clear in their structured rates. Send Parcels to USA

Furthermore, a parcel shipping company should have a provision for insurance cover. Although this is not compulsory, some customers may opt to insure their goods so that in the event of a loss, they can be compensated. Some parcel shipping companies have insurance cover added on their price while others do not. A parcel shipping price inclusive of insurance may seem a bit expensive but it is the best option which assures the customer of compensation in case of an accident or loss during shipping.

Moreover, a parcel shipping company needs to have a tracking system. This will facilitate easy monitoring of goods in transit and minimize cases of losses. During shipping, it will be easy for the company to know where the ship is and the estimated duration it will take to dock at the port. This also guarantees customers safety of their goods that are in transit. In case a ship loses its way in the high seas, it will be easy to locate it.

A parcel shipping company can also have a hold for pickup service. This service allows for goods to be stored at the designated postal office for a period of up to two weeks as they await collection. This is preceded by a series of notifications that are sent to the receiver which update him on the status of the shipping. This allows the receiver to prepare well in advance for collection of the parcel from the designated postal office. This is normally done at no extra cost.

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